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Happy Thought!

Minds are like parachutes. They only function when open. – Unknown


Welcome to MY world!~!~!

OK, … a couple of years ago I decided to jump on the “Blogosphere” and start this really neat blog where I could just rant and rave and “tell it like it is.” Well, that lasted for a minute and I got bored of it, nobody was reading or commenting and I got addicted to that “other” social media venue: FACEBOOK! Ech … what a mistake that was/is …

So I’m going to try this again and TRY to keep my political views OFF Facebook and my opinions of “non-cocktail conversation” subjects HERE instead.

So let’s see how this works … I publish, YOU comment, I respond, others comment, I and you respond. We all make our points, remain calm and avoid rudeness and name-calling — and we ALL feel “gooshy” because we’ve gotten it off our chest and move on to the next subject.

OK?!! Let’s DO THIS …