What are we “INVESTING” in???

Watching my favorite (all of them) Sunday morning news shows, I’m noticing a lot of “We need to ‘invest’ in” comments when talking about the economy, education, entitlements, etc.

Well, I’m not a rich person … matter of fact, if “middle class” is $100k~, I’m not even that, so I don’t have $$$ to “invest.” HOWEVER, I’ve only taken basic business courses in high school and didn’t make the choice to go to college, but I DO KNOW that when someone “invests,” it is in anticipation of a RETURN ON THAT INVESTMENT!

WHAT returns have we received from our “investments” in education? TARP? Stimulus? Entitlements? Solyndra?

I’m thinking Washington has re-defined ANOTHER of our wonderful country’s benefits and freedoms.


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