A “Changing Country”

“The country is changing” may be an excuse for the state of MY country right now, and it may be the reason, BUT I’M NOT … I’m still a conservative; I still value the Constitution and what IT stands for; I still believe in the old standards that got this country started and progressed so well for so long; I still believe it is the desire, drive, and ingenuity of the American CITIZENS who build our economy and improve our lives and our wealth. I believe the ONLY role the government has our lives is to protect OUR COUNTRY from evil and harm, and those who dare to tread on us. I believe the Supreme Court is charged with protecting the values of the Constitution, and the intent of the writers of it, and the Justices are NOT intended to “interpret” our rights and our futures based on “a changing nation.” I believe the Congress works for US, and draws their strength, motivation, and resolve from the people they represent. I believe the President is the voice of the People and the spokesman for our Republic, and it’s values, to the world, NOT to dictate policy to OUR citizens or the countries of the world. I believe in America, and what America stands for, (or, at least, DID!) and that We Will Survive … even THIS!


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