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Budgets and Bullsh*t!

It is so frustrating to listen to the Repuglicans and Demagogues bloviating and bullsh*tting about the BUDGET, TAX HIKES, and SPENDING CUTS!  We ALL know they are ALL speaking with fork-ed tongues out of both sides of their mouths … do they think we Americans are THAT stupid to believe all that BS and fall for their lies?  Well, I don’t know; judging by the typical social media posts, comments, photos, and videos, WE ARE A NATION OF SHEEPLE!  People apathetic and stupid enough to be led by the neck to slaughter.

  1. Balancing the Budget is a joke! The House Republicans have passed seven – 7 – budget proposals in the last 3 years and Harry Reid has REFUSED to bring them to the Senate floor for consideration.  The Democrats have proposed NOTHING in writing in over 3 years.
  2. The “Tax Hikes” for Jan 1 are NOT tax ‘hikes’; they are a return to the regular tax rates “pre-Bush tax cuts”, which were never meant to be permanent in the first place. For political reasons, the Congress has politicized and brainwashed American citizens into believing we deserve to make this permanent. I’m not even going to go into where the lost revenue is REALLY being lost, and what  it’s done to our economy. That’s another subject (or a book or 3).
  3. Spending Cuts is where it gets to be fun … Cutting spending on money for programs that were not going to be spent to begin with, is NOT a “cut!” We are 16+ TRILLION dollars in debt to other nations NOW, and increasing at ONE+ TRILLION a year! That’s one thousand BILLION, one million MILLION, one billion THOUSANDS, and gazillions of HUNDREDS!
    1. It is estimated that every US resident (including children) now owes $50,000 EACH to pay off our debt!
    2. Forecasting and proposing spending cuts over a 10-year period is ludicrous! We are losing $1 trillion a year … while cutting spending (on paper only) at that amount over 10 years (which seems to be the target figure), it still puts us an additional $900 BILLION in the hole every one of those 10 years! Where the hell is that money coming from, and where in the hell is this logic coming from?
    3. If we are losing $1 trillion a year right now, which WE ARE, we MUST CUT OVER $1 trillion a year in government spending RIGHT NOW! Duhhhh! It won’t stop unless we do.

COME ON, AMERICA! Wake up, open your eyes, demand an IMMEDIATE SOLUTION!

COME ON, CONGRESS! The sheeple are about to stampede! You better get out of the way or get trampled by your own arrogance and disdain for them.