First of all 53% voted for the “I want freebees” President. Hate to tell you followers of BHO, but that is not a mandate. 47% of the intelligent population know that we have a problem.

Can any of the my intelligent friends explain the logic behind our illustrious Secretary of State and President giving Egypt $159 million dollars in aid with some $300 million more to follow when our nation is in the shape it’s in.

We have an aircraft carrier tied to the pier that we can’t afford to launch, millions of people losing their jobs, 52% of our people entitled to being supported by the rest of us with no incentive to do better, and we are giving this to a country that absolutely hates us and would do anything to harm us.

This is done by an administration who is absolutely committed to the destruction of our nation and, as front man, a Secretary of State, who wrote his own fictional award citations for valor in Vietnam and then prominently participated with Hanoi Jane in anti-war demonstrations.

What is happening to us? This is incredible!!!!

— Thank you, Charlie Rotenberry!


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