I have earned the right to my opinions …  and to say WHAT I want WHEN I want … and I WILL!

I’ve always been told that I am highly opinionated.  This blog represents MY opinion of the world as it is – or, as it should be … in MY opinion, of course!  I have occasional outbursts of disbelief over government action or inaction.

I originally thought of limiting this blog to political and world issues, and then I thought, “Who Cares?!!”  The media is saturated with pundits on both sides who monopolize the airways spewing their sometimes twisted and irreverent bull…

I’ve decided that my BLOG is my legacy, a way for people to know WHO I am, maybe for my friends to understand me, and my followers to be inspired or be challenged and to learn.

Some of my posts may be long; some may be short.  It depends on my mood and/or the subject matter. Most will be short … kinda like the “other social media,” but without the drama and friends of friends of friends who are not really friends … just an accumulation of hundreds and thousands of lonely people who choose to interact electronically instead of face to face. To those, I say, “GET A LIFE, people!”